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Office furniture market homogenization eager differentiated recipe
Bella Furniture Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 27, 2014

Due to the limitations of the office furniture industry technology content and scale of investment, resulting in the industry's "relatively low threshold" layman can easily become a "door Han." Also, because the type and style of office furniture is very much more difficult to patent protection, but also provides an opportunity to imitators.

      The annual international exhibition of office furniture and domestic exhibitions became imitators of the classroom. Corporate money in developing new products, as long as the market will quickly recognize the industry, large-scale production, good products are often short-lived. Previously, a best-selling product life cycle is two to three years, but now it is reduced to less than six months, the homogenization of the market for many large enterprises miserable.

      And consumers in the tens of thousands of square meters of office furniture mall has been the same style, same color, same material and the same price furniture dazzled and overwhelmed. Homogenization of the market eager to differentiate recipe.