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Office furniture facing the era of micro-channel era we should shun the pace and go
Bella Furniture Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 27, 2014

The greatest benefit is that mobile e-commerce can give seamless propaganda, it is more convenient, faster, anywhere the delivery of information to the consumer's phone, more user stickiness, while the office furniture business and most businesses need to consider what is the service mode and content so that information can be received. Shanghai quality office furniture sales director, said the United States, the development direction of the office furniture industry must immediately shift in consumer lifestyles and consumer behavior and timely response. "We should 'sit at home and so' to 'push the door', and now the current mobile payment is already a huge typhoon mouth, followed by a wave of domestic industry must stand on air mobile payments, in order to become a winner under the market changes."

     However, with respect to retail commodity, office furniture products more sexual experience and service, both of which decided on the mobile home business Internet marketing marketing not only products, but also involves the concept of home, products, product visual experience product cultural, service and introduce a series of publicity. Can be said that micro-channel interactive marketing gathered fans, the best and fastest way to active users. Qu Mei Furniture flexible use, including micro-frame, fit the personality and psychology of creative users micro-atlas, micro-games, micro greeting cards, micro topics, so that users enjoy it. Every activity designed to be combined with the brand concept, both fun and promotional. Beijing home network will focus on creating a variety of communication and community life among the owners of the service.

     In the micro-channel era, paid for access to the micro-channel businesses, meaning micro-channel pay online shopping is not only complete, the next line shopping closed loop. It also lies with the letter of the biggest social micro accounts system integration, so as to promote the development of enterprises.