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Office furniture brand to enhance the most critical
Bella Furniture Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 27, 2014

Circulation status of office furniture exhibition in the basement and top floor from large department stores play a supporting role, the development of the specialized exhibition into the Furniture City protagonist has experienced decades. Office furniture merchants also experienced a transformation from a stall provider to the role of branding. Office furniture (about known furniture) the rapid development of the franchise market in China's furniture industry to create a famous brand.

     Furniture manufacturers have carried the image of business, for shaping the product and build brand image of the stage show, product promotion has been transformed into brand promotion. Brand independent stores, stores in the stores, furniture franchise market leading position.

     Furniture traders struggle to find the best way of marketing. But crafting a variety of marketing methods, each with advantages and should therefore be valued business content. However, the accumulation and enhance the management of intangible assets, the brand most independent shops insiders optimistic.