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Furniture maintenance: When wooden wardrobe maintenance, pay attention to what
Bella Furniture Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 27, 2014

Natural beauty is an advantage, it also acquired the necessary maintenance, all things are yes. Do not think that you bought a good wardrobe is peace of mind, for it to do some basic maintenance can extend life, so that new look. Meanwhile, the maintenance of time you need to go too small is not enough to do, you had better keep in mind the following seven.
A bogey dragged deadlift during handling, should Qingtai light; arrangements should be put flat on steady, if unyielding ground, to leg pad is to prevent the destruction of mortise layout;

Second, avoid the furniture on the sun exposure, but also avoid overly dry place to prevent the wood cracking deformation;

Third, avoid the furniture placed in a very humid place, so the wood expands when wet, a long time easily rotten, pull the drawer will not open;

Fourth, avoid large wardrobes and other furniture on top of ballast, so as not to protrude door, door shut lax; clothing also avoid piling up too much, avoid higher door, door to prevent deformation;

Fifth, avoid washing with water or wiping with a cloth made of plywood furniture, avoid soaking in lye, plastic guard or splint loose unglued;

Six, hanged original paint color difference and furniture paint and putty mix well plugging loopholes embedded in the furniture flat, so as not to leave scars;

Seven, avoid alkaline or hot water to wash things arrange a high concentration of alcohol on furniture or desktop, bananas, water and freshly boiled water, etc., to prevent damage to the finish.