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European and American furniture favored reason
Bella Furniture Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 27, 2014

Office furniture is so favored in Europe and America, it is not accidental. On the demand side, with the improvement of the level of domestic consumption, European and American furniture has become one of the main high-end furniture consumption, would inevitably lead to the merchant's attention, making the development of European and American furniture stride. The furniture enterprises, a single product can not meet their own development business, a portion of energy into the European and American furniture, for its own brands in the domestic market expansion is also of great help. And the store is concerned, compared with furniture, European furniture, relatively high profit margins, consumer groups are also more stable, the stores, "the strength of the relatively stable big."

       Actually, vice president of House Group and general manager, said any shop into Lize, from a market perspective, this type of furniture because good comfort, aesthetics, is holding an increasing share of high-end consumer. Lize shop because of the large body, just to provide such a platform, but also to meet the needs of some manufacturers.