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How About Choosing The Right Bedroom Furniture For A New Home?
Bella Furniture Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 28, 2017

How about choosing the right bedroom furniture for a new home?

The bedroom is personal most intimate life space, also is most can reflect individual style place. Choose a beautiful and practical bedroom furniture, but also more sweet love icing on the cake.

Bedside cupboard

The bedside table should be clean and practical. It can not only display desk lamps, picture frames or small vases, but also make it easy for you to pick up anything you need on the bed. The counter is enough to put a table lamp, a clock, a few books and glasses, cups and other common items. Choose a bedside cabinet with drawers and partitions. Your books and glasses will fit into the drawer when you don't need them, and you'll look neat and tidy with the mess. Keep the table clean and tidy. If the tea is not careful, it will be easy to take care of.

Also, check drawers and handles for smooth and easy access. From the price point of view, the solid wood than the plate solid, grades are higher.


From the function of the make-up desk, there is no doubt that it is absolutely the easiest corner of the bedroom to appear cluttered. The solution is to let it take more drawers. When buying make-up desk, do not forget the matching stool. This is the best way to ensure the stool height and cabinet match, otherwise it will bring you great inconvenience. Most make-up platforms are equipped with a mirror, usually designed above the desktop. But there are also single ones hanging on the wall. If so, the mirror should pay attention to how the mirror is convenient to make up, for example, it can be pushed and pulled and can be folded. If there are some small drawers under the table, it will be convenient to store jewelry and the like. The dresser is best painted so that it can be swept easily. In this way, the make-up liquid splashes on the table without causing damage. The drawer under the table should be arranged reasonably, leaving enough space for the legs of the user. This must be measured by the body.


The closet can do "of indomitable spirit", 100% of the space utilization, flexible internal partition combined maneuver, solve the storage space of small troubles. The utility model can reasonably combine and make use of space according to requirements, and has the functions of interior decoration, practical closet doors, etc..

1, material

The wood is warm and easy to accept. If you like to highlight personality, you can use metal plate or glass.

2, the price

The board is moderately priced and not too cumbersome to take care of. Glass is more troublesome when punching, and the price is more expensive.

Want to pack up clothes, in the purchase or custom-made wardrobe stage, we should consider the classification of their own clothes, look at what kind of clothing is too much, the corresponding additional space. For example, prefer long paragraph dresses and coat, leaving large hanging long space; and more casual people can configure shelves, cascading display clothing, if there are 80 cm in thickness to provide wardrobe, consider using a rotating hanger. But the price of rotary hangers is expensive, and only about 1000 yuan for the rotating frames.


Bedroom bed mainly double bed, single bed two:

The size of the double bed is mainly: 150CM*190CM, 180CM*200CM.

The size of the single bed is 90CM*190CM and 150*190CM (alphabet bed).

Distinguish from workmanship:

The bed mainly has the plate type, the iron art, the wooden, the steel, the wooden Union and so on several kinds; the plate bed, the price is cheap, the style is simple; the iron carving classical, the price is slightly expensive.

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