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Bedroom Furniture Collocation Arrangement, Need To Remind Everybody Is
Bella Furniture Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 28, 2017

Bedroom furniture collocation arrangement, need to remind everybody is

First, the new residential design, most rooms have balcony or closet, furniture should pay attention to shorten the traffic routes as far as possible, in order to strive for more effective use of the area. At the same time, do not make the traffic routes too close to the bed so as not to interfere with the beds.

Second, the activity area is suitable near the window side, sofa, desk and chair and other furniture arranged in the scope of activities. This will enable reading and reading newspapers with a light and well ventilated environment.

Third, indoor furniture layout should be symmetrical and balanced, do not put large, high furniture layout on the side, and small, short furniture on the other side, giving people an uncomfortable feeling. With the mirror wardrobe, the mirror is not the window, so as not to affect the image effect.

Fourth, we should pay attention to furniture and electrical appliances latch relationship. For example, the writing desk should be arranged from the nearest place of the bolt, otherwise the desk lamp and the wire are too long, and the indoor appearance is easy to be affected, and the power supply is not safe enough.

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