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Bedroom Furniture Exactly How To Layout, It Seems To Be In Good Order?
Bella Furniture Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 17, 2017

Bedroom furniture exactly how to layout, it seems to be in good order?

First, look at the structure of the room, determine the activity center.

Two, determine where the magnifying furniture is generally bed, sofa, desktop, cabinets and so on.

Three, consider the whole family through the aisle, and then placed furniture, to avoid affecting the normal indoor trend.

1. For the bed itself, consider the length, width, and smoothness of the bed, and whether it has good support and comfort. As for the height of the bed, it is advisable for the knee to be slightly higher than that of the person who is asleep. Too high, up and down, hard, too low, always bend over inconvenience. Remember that bed can not be posted, bed should be empty, not piling up debris, otherwise no ventilation, easy to hide moisture, will lead to backache.

2, on bed regardless of location, the key is who should be allowed to lie on the bed can see the bedroom door and windows, and at dawn, there will be sunshine on the bed, help to absorb natural energy.

3, the bed can not rely on the door, if the bedroom to the limited space, and the bed at the gate side, the bedroom has violated the taboo.

4, the best choice of beds north and south direction, and paramagnetic gravity. The head is either South or North, which is good for health, because the aorta and the large vein are the most important in the blood circulation system of the human body, and its direction is consistent with the head and foot direction of the human body. The human body is in sleep in the north and south, the aorta and large veins towards the human body to sleep and the earth's north and south magnetic direction of three is consistent, then it is easy to fall asleep, sleep quality is the highest, so sleep in the north and South have the function of disease prevention and health care. The head of the bed can not be directed toward the west, the blood often goes straight to the head, and the sleep is less stable. If you head to the East, you will feel a sense of peace.

5, the bedside should be solid, not virtual, the bedside should rely on the wall, unreliable windows, beds, if not by the wall, then the bed must have headboard, so that the head will not be left vacant, and, behind the head of the bed is not the toilet or kitchen.

6, can not be on the bed, so as not to be an exhaustive list, there is no privacy and security, but also affect the rest. If the door is flush, the screen can be used to block the door, which not only prevents the bed door from rushing, but also maintains the privacy of the bedroom.

7, can not have beam press, so as to avoid feeling depressed, also harm people's physical and mental health, this also includes no pressure bedroom door beams, split type air conditioner can not be hung on the pillow top, just above the bed not hanging chandeliers, these all belong to the category of beam press.

8, the bed is not on the mirror, because people in half awaken between midnight, wake up easily frightened by mirror image, the spirit does not lead to peace, dizzy; second person to fall asleep, the gas can be the weakest, and the mirror strong force is the reflection of objects, to people's energy reflected out, especially young couples, if the bedroom mirror on the bed, if things go on like this, prone to infertility. If the bedroom has a mirror on the bed in the evening, can cover it or put it to the wall, of course, the best way is to mirror embedded in the bedroom closet inside the mirror when you open, usually do not have to close the door.

9, the bedside table should be higher than the bed, it is beneficial to enhance the wisdom of sleep, and improve sleep quality.

10, pillow position on both sides, can not be cabinet corner or kitchen corner, bookcase, makeup table shot, easy to cause people suffering from migraine. A plant with long pointed leaves and square or oblong furniture; not too close to a bed.

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